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Game Thread #21: Lou Piniella is All Wet

I don't know how likely it is that this game starts on time, or even starts at all, but the lineups are posted.  I'll take that as a good sign.  Another good sign: Johnny Estrada is starting today.  As is Corey Hart, with Jenkins on the bench against a lefty.  More interesting than the Brewers starting nine is that of the Cubs:

  • Theriot, SS
  • Floyd, LF
  • Lee, 1B
  • Ramirez, 3B
  • Barrett, C
  • Jones, RF
  • DeRosa, 2B
  • Pie, CF
  • Lilly, P
That's your classic "mixing things up" lineup: Piniella is scrambling.  When scrambling translates into playing Ryan Theriot at shortstop, it's really desperate.  (He did play some short in the minors, though; it isn't THAT bad.)

With a Brewers win and Mets loss today, the Crew would at least be tied for best record in baseball.  If the Dodgers lose, we'd have it all to ourselves.  Another fun stat: only the Nationals are further out of first place in their division than the Cubs are.  The Cubs may be playing better baseball than their record indicates, but it's sure fun to see them at the other end of the spectrum.

I think we're all ready for Ben Sheets's first double-digit strikeout outing of the year.  And perhaps another couple of dingers from Prince Fielder.  Go Brewers!

UPDATE: Looks like we're in a rain delay, for the time being. FSN is showing yesterday's game in the meantime.
UPDATE 2: Game on! Dixieflatline reports that we're shooting for a 2:30 start, though FSN hasn't reported anything.
UPDATE 3: The game is on after a 1:10 rain relay. First pitch, 2:32. Go Crew!