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Ben Sheets Injured

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He left the game after three innings with a "right groin strain."  More news as it becomes available.

In other news, scroll down for the skinny on Yovani Gallardo's latest start.

Update [2007-4-26 10:15:24 by Jeff]: Here's the story from the official site, including some much-welcome happy talk from Maddux:

"Hopefully, it's an 'owie' that gets taken care of quick before it turns into an injury."
And from the Journal Sentinel:
Sheets said he never had a leg injury before, so he spent some time talking to teammates who had experienced groin strains. He remained hopeful that he would not have to miss his next scheduled start Tuesday against St. Louis at home.
That seems unduly optimistic, but hey, it's better than the alternatives. I know we've been trained to not believe a word the organization says about Sheets's health, and to expect the worst, but we might just dodge the bullet here.