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Game Thread #2: Brewers Look to Remain Undefeated

It's Chris Capuano versus Randy Wolf.  I guess Grady Little wanted to alternate righties and lefties in his rotation, so he made Wolf the #2 guy instead of Jason Schmidt.  Okay, whatever.  In that case, I like our odds this evening.

The lineup is the same as last night, only with special platoon juice added.  Kevin "Crybaby" Mench is batting sixth in place of Jenkins, and Tony Graffanino is batting eighth and playing third base.    The Dodgers lineup looks pretty similar; it's really just not as scary with Rafael Furcal sidelined.  Which, of course, is not a complaint.

For more about the matchups, here's my series preview.  As roguejim would surely like for me to point out, the magic number to win the division is 162; to tie, it's 161.  Then again, we're tied with the Reds and Pirates, neither of whom really count.

Go Brewers!