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Still Undefeated!

It wasn't as easy as it was last night, but the Brewers got the job done.  Capuano struggled, throwing a lot of pitches and not showing his usual command, but he got through five innings giving up three runs.  It definitely could've been worse.

Ned Yost made some questionable decisions, including trying to score one run in the fourth (!?) on a double-steal with Corey Hart at the plate.  Then Hart bunted to lead off the next inning.  Weird.  But, it doesn't matter how many stupid mistakes Ned makes when the bats show up: Estrada doubled and scored on a Hart single; Prince Fielder launched a monster blast, and Kevin Mench (who I won't criticize right now, out of thanks) put the Brewers in the lead with a 2-run shot.

Perhaps the best part of the game was the showing from the bullpen.  Greg Aquino gave Jose Capellan some ammo, loading the bases by walking Randy Wolf, but Brian Shouse shut down that threat.  Matt Wise, Derrick Turnbow, and Francisco Cordero following with a nearly perfect three-inning stretch, just like it's supposed to happen.  If Wise and Turnbow are anywhere close to their '05 form, that's one of the best 1-2-3 punches in the game.

And it's tough to say enough about Cordero when he's on.  That dude is nasty.  He's one of the best closers in the game, and we're lucky to have him.  He won't be as close to perfect as he was in his partial season in Milwaukee last year, but he'll earn himself one heck of a free-agent contract after the season.  

2-0, baby!  Jason Schmidt, you're next.  Watch out for Jenkins: he knows he's one Kevin Mench hot streak away from becoming a full-time pinch hitter.