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Game Thread #25: The Brewers Just Got Slower

Rickie Weeks is out for a bit with a finger injury, and it would appear that Ned Yost either a) hates Corey Hart, b) is giving him more time off to rest his wrist injury, or c) both.  Regardless, two of our fastest guys are out of the lineup today: Zeyes wrote out the whole thing for us.  

I'm disappointed that Jenkins is in the lineup, because thanks to baseball-reference's new feature that I'm obsessed with, Geoff Jenkins has more PAs against Kip Wells than anybody else, and he's got an eye-popping .660 OPS against him.  Woo f'ing hoo.  Incidentally, some of the players who have 1.000 or better OPSs against Wells are:

  • Russell Branyan
  • Lyle Overbay
  • Corey Koskie
  • Scott Podsednik
  • Jose Hernandez
Entertaining, huh?  I'd like it better if there were some actual current Brewers on that list!  Perhaps there will be after tonight.

Unfortunately we can't play the same game with Suppan and the Cards, since most of the current Cardinals don't have many at-bats against their former teammate.  By the end of the year that'll change.

Finally, remember it's an early start tonight in deference to ESPN and all those tremendously important people on the east coast.  Or something.  I'm one of those people (on the east coast, anyway, maybe not important), but since I don't have a television, and will be blacked out, it's all Uecker for me.

Go Brewers!