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We'll Have to Settle for 161-1

Ok, I guess the first loss had to come eventually.  It was heartbreaking--Prince Fielder was the tying run, standing at second base with none out, and we couldn't get him in.  But you know what?  For all the sucky things that happened in tonight's game (think Carlos Villanueva's first, second, and third walks), this was a really encouraging contest.

First, Jeff Suppan pitched well.  I didn't see his outing at all, but judging from the comments in the game thread, he didn't look good at all, especially from the outset.  But he went seven solid innings, giving up only two runs.  We can't expect that every time out from him, but that's the sort of thing that makes baseball guys love Jeff so much: he battles.  He never has great stuff, so he knows what to do when he doesn't have any stuff at all.

Second, Derrick Turnbow looks great.  I remember last April, when I watched every game for a few weeks, and I was just blown away by how nasty his stuff was.  (For some reason I had never registered its nastiness before--too much radio, I guess.)  Right now, it looks that good again.  Until further notice, NL teams need to assume that they only have seven innings to score against the Brewers.  

We had some issues bringing runners into score, but our offense just doesn't quit.  Regardless of which two outfielders are playing the corners, there are seven offensive threats in the lineup every day.  J.J. Hardy is once again looking like the guy who we were waiting for all the time, not the guy who looked like the second coming of Adam Everett last year.  Maybe that'll change when the NL remembers how to pitch to him (no fastballs. ever) but I'll take what I can get for now.

Now, the downside.  Carlos Villanueva (that's VEE-anueva to you, buddy) made his first appearance of the year, and walked three guys before coming out of the game.  Three up, three on.  By the time Elmer Dessens had gotten out of the inning, all three had come in.  In fairness, Wilson Betemit really made Carlos work, but the other two are just inexcusable.  I guess we have to write this off to opening day(ish) jitters, or adjusting to pitching from the bullpen, or something: poor control isn't Carlos's MO, and it won't take many more leadoff walks before Villanueva arranges for Jose Capellan to get back to the big leagues.

Speaking of Capellan: he's agreed to go to Nashville.  That was pretty obvious.  Nashville's opener is tomorrow night (the big club has the day off), and it might be televised via the MILB official site.  (Last year at this time, I think it was free.)  I believe John is planning on doing his daily Minor League Notes again this year, so we can keep track of Ryan Braun's home runs and errors, as well as Yovani Gallardo's strikeouts, popups, and overall dominance.

This weekend, the Crew stays at home to face the Cubs--we'll see the regular season debut of Claudio Vargas, and probably the season debut of Damian Miller, who I believe is the only position player who hasn't yet appeared in a game.  

Even though we have to settle for 2-1, this is a very encouraging start to the season.