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Will Inman Gets Some Love

There are a ton of premium prospects in the Florida State League, and has been the case in the last couple of years, we've got one of them.  Ryan McConnell at takes a look at the best, and includes Will Inman among them.  Gotta love this bit:

For his part, Inman isn't prepared to embrace mediocrity. As he told last November, "I want to be the guy who goes out there and dominates for years and years and years and ends up in the Hall of Fame. I want to make a statement when I get there."

I, too, want Will Inman to be that guy :).  Preferably after signing a below-market deal to spend his entire career in Milwaukee anchoring a rotation with Yovani Gallardo and (do we dare hope?) Mark Rogers.  

I might tinker some this year with head-to-head stats at Minor League Splits -- it would sure be cool to know how Inman does against Jose Tabata and Cameron Maybin.  One of the things I've wanted to investigate for a long time is how prospects do against prospects: especially in triple-A, it seems plausible that prospects feed on retreads: it doesn't mean anything to me that Ryan Braun will hit a whole bunch of home runs off of the Dan Kolbs and Justin Thompsons of the PCL.  But if Braun is racking up good numbers against other teams' top youngsters...that'd be worth something.