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Christina Kahrl does a review of the Brewers roster at Baseball Prospectus today, which you can read if you're a subscriber:

New Developments: The outfield's been remade in a way that should leave everyone impressed: Doug Melvin and Ned Yost combined a dash of Soriano (making Bill Hall a center fielder) with a belated bit of position resolution (finally making Corey Hart a regular), and spliced in a little bit of Cleveland's "when in doubt, build a platoon," potentially restoring Geoff Jenkins and Kevin Mench into that wee bit of studliness that gives us Kevoff Menkins.

As we've been discussing nonstop for the last few days, Ned may not really be making Corey Hart a starter, though that's certainly what should happen.  But my main issue is that everyone seems to think it's clever to combine two names for one "platoon name."  That's true, of course, but there is one and only one approved way to refer to our left field platoon.  Say it with me:


It's funny, it's concise, and it's slightly belittling.  Platoon nicknames do not get better than that.  So please, commentators and fans everywhere, do not try to reinvent the wheel: the Brewers outfield consists of Hart, Hall, and Menchkins.  Similarly, third base is manned by Graffasell or Counsellino--I didn't coin either one, and I don't feel strongly about one or the other, but there's no need to try to improve on those, either.