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Series Preview: Cubs (1-2) at Brewers (2-1)

It's a big deal--even bigger than Charlie Moore bobblehead night!--when the Cubs come to Miller Park.  No division title is on the line (yet), but I would imagine that when the Cubs and Brewers meet for the last time in September, they may well be just about as close in the standings as they are right now.

Here's the schedule for the weekend:

As I'm sure you're all aware, the Cubs are a drastically different team than they were last year: they've brought in more free agents than you can fit in their starting lineup, and the added enough starting pitching so that Mark Prior is doing time in triple-A.  That puts them right in the hunt for the NL Central, though as I wrote in my Cubs preview for Beyond the Boxscore, it takes a lot to get a team back from a 66-win season.

The premium matchup of the series, of course, is Saturday afternoon between the two staff aces.  It may be more lopsided than it looks, though: Sheets was awesome on opening day, while April has never been a good month for big Z.  

The more interesting duel could come tonight, between the unheralded contributors in each rotation.  Dave Bush is my favorite sleeper in baseball: only serious baseball fans know who this guy is, but he's the sort of quality #3/#4 starter that makes the difference between playoff teams and also-rans.  Rich Hill isn't quite as proven as Bush, but at least one guy sees him as a sleeper for the NL Cy Young Award.  Certainly he's a young talent to watch.

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Go Brewers!