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Hardball Times Column

My THT article today, called "No One's Fantasy," is about picking bad players for a sort of reverse fantasy league.  It's one thing to find bad players; it's another to find bad players who are likely to get 500 at-bats or 180 IP.  I got thinking about this because I joined such a league, where good things (home runs, etc.) count for negative points, while bad things (errors, wild pitches, etc.) are positive.

For that fantasy league, I built a spreadsheet based on PECOTA projections, and I was encouraged to see that no Brewers were anywhere close to the top.  The only person who I even considered drafting was Rickie Weeks, for the errors.  But somebody beat me to him.  I do have Scott Podsednik manning left field, Richie Sexson at first base, and Doug Davis in the rotation.  Unfortunately, there wasn't room on my roster for every ex-Brewer player.