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Game Thread #5: Now THIS is a Pitcher's Duel

Ben Sheets vs. Carlos Zambrano: they don't get much better than this.  In fact, outside of the AL (and Johan Santana), I don't think they get ANY better than this.  For general Cubs stuff, here's my series preview thread.

That said, Zambrano is beatable.  Zambrano has a modest 4.20 ERA in his career against the Brewers, and an equally unimpressive 4.23 ERA in April.  Those numbers aren't bad, of course, but they're more Ted Lilly than Carlos Zambrano, and while Lilly isn't a bad pitcher, we wouldn't be particularly scared of him.

Sheets, on the other hand, is always awesome.  3.86 ERA against the Cubs (okay, that's not much better, but let me pretend).  Speaking of awesome, how about the new splits pages at  Here's Benny's.  Someday Minor League Splits might have one-tenth as much stuff.  

In other news, Rosenthal has the latest on the Capellan situation. The Rockies, Rays, and Giants could be interested, while the Nats might try to convert him back to starting. I don't know how seriously Doug is trying to trade him; we're going to need Jose at some point this year, and there's nothing else we really need more. I just hope Melvin doesn't get silly and trade him for another veteran lefty reliever or something. Unless we could magically get some better third-base stopgap, while simultaneously dealing Graffanino, I just can't imagine how dealing Capellan would make this team better.

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the first hour or two of the game; the way Sheets gets rolling, I hope there's still some game left when I tune in.    Go Brewers!