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Game Thread #6: Ned Yost Hates Children and Small Animals

As Marty already pointed out in this diary, the lineup today to put it?...uninspiring.  Hall, Hart, and Estrada are sitting in favor of Gwynn, Gross, and Miller.  Miller I understand: Estrada can't catch every day.  Gross over Hart...okay, that I can accept: Gross ought to get the occasional start, especially against righties.  But Gwynn over Hall?  Ri-frickin'-diculous.  Better to go with a 24-man roster than for Yost to feel obligated to get the 25th playing time like this.

Anyway, I'd imagine when Chris Capuano saw that, he realized that Damian better call an awful good game.  Or Wade Miller better suck something awful.  Or, perhaps, both.  

It's way too early to make any judgments of any kind, but this sure feels like an important game.  Coming out of week 1 against two strong teams at 3-3 would be okay--maybe not encouraging, but acceptable.  Getting swept at home by the Cubs?  Not good at all.  Not season-endingly depressing, of course, but not the sort of start we expected from the new season.

Go Brewers!