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The Three-Ball Walk

Many of you probably caught this during the broadcast last night, but for those who didn't, Suppan walked Pujols with only three balls last night.  Pujols had the count wrong, the ump had it wrong, and Suppan let it slide:

Suppan got ahead of Pujols 0-2 before Pujols fouled off a pitch, took two balls and fouled off another. After the next pitch he was awarded first base by home plate umpire Dan Iassogna.

"I was mad at myself for going to 3-2 after being up 0-2, and then I saw him walking to first," said Suppan, who figured that maybe it was his mistake and he had walked him. "I looked at the umpire expecting him to call him back, but no one said anything. I just moved on and it didn't end up hurting me."

I'm not sure whether that says more about Suppan's control or his pitch efficiency!