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Game Thread #35: The Best Versus the Best

In today's edition of Prospectus Hit List, the Mets were 2nd and the Brewers were 3rd.  (The Red Sox were first and, ominously, the Cubs are in 4th.)  Since one of the teams is sending out Jorge Sosa to start the game, it doesn't quite feel like the best against the best, but as the Yankees are desperately trying to prove, you don't always need the best pitching to win a lot of games.  (As the Yankees have discovered, though, you need a least some pitching that's better than Luis Vizcaino.)

So, it's Sosa against Jeff Suppan.  I'm not expecting brilliance from Supp, but a quality start would sure be nice.  What I am hoping for is a crooked number or two: while the Crew can't complain about the win column as of late, we sure haven't scored very many runs.  Punchlessness against the Nats doesn't bode well.

The other thing I'm hoping for is some dry weather: it's been raining in Queens off and on all day, and it just started coming down again as I write this.  (I live a couple miles away from Shea.)  For better or worse, the Mets are known for trying to get games in no matter what it takes, so even if it means I spend six hours at the ballpark tonight, I'd imagine I'll get to see an official game.  

Feel free to post the lineups when they are announced; in the meantime, Marty posted career OPS's against Sosa at FNY.  It's a small sample size, but I'm sure it's enough to justify Corey's splinter burn.

Go Brewers!