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The Only Thing Worse Than Losing... being in the opposing team's ballpark when your team loses.  The best part of all was riding the subway back home: some Mets fans actually chanted "Brew-ers Suck!  Brew-ers Suck!" me, the only Brewers fan in the car.  Really charming.  I took the high road and didn't mention a) each team's winning percentage, or b) Mike Pelfrey's ERA.  I can be such a nice guy sometimes.

Back to the game: I had great seats: a few rows back in the loge, with a straight line view down the right field line (give or take a few degrees).  I don't imagine I saw anything that you couldn't see on TV at home, but it's always cool to see your favorite players hit monster home runs in person.

I also realized that I'm kind of conflicted: when Corey Hart came in to pinch hit, I told my Cardinals fan friend (at the game with me) that Hart was my favorite Brewer.  But then Rickie came up...maybe he's my favorite Brewer.  Then JJ!  Then Prince!  And then Billy!  Can I have a five-way tie?  Even when they don't win every game, it's really hard not to like this club.  They don't have to shave their heads to act like a team, and for the most part every last one of them is a class act with a real enthusiasm for the game.  I've gotten off-topic, but these things need to be said.

Fortunately for me, there aren't one-game series in baseball: I'll be back at Shea tomorrow, watching the Crew even the series.