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Game Thread #36: Ride the Ronnie Miller Express

I can feel it. Today is the day Ben Sheets comes back. Oh sure, he's been here all along, but like a wallflower at the sock hop, nobody's really noticed him. Today, though, is the day he ditches the glasses and the telescope and does the African Anteater Ritual.

Okay, maybe. He did show some flashes of brilliance in the last game against the Pirates, getting a lot of swings and misses early on before seeming to lose his command. However, even if he's merely "good," as he's been so far this year, the Brewers stand a pretty good chance of winning, because his opponent is Mike Pelfrey, he of the 6.39 ERA and 10/14 K/BB ratio in 25.3 innings. Pelfrey is a former top prospect who is, despite the first sentence of this article, is definitely pitching for his major-league life. Let's euthanize him.

Go Brewers!