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The Brewers Win One For the Sack Mann

Well, my prediction of a Sheets resurgence didn't exactly come true, but he pitched well for the most part, and pulled a surprise changeup and then a well-located curve out of his pocket on consecutive at-bats in the pivotal sixth inning to strike out Beltran and Delgado.

Of course, the story of the game isn't Sheets, but the twin dynamos of Tony Gwynn and JJ Hardy (and maybe, if you're feeling charitable, Counsellino). Hardy continues to be an offensive force, and is now hitting .333/.385/.626, which is just silly, and Gwynn did a lot of cool things, most of which involved running fast, such as legging out an infield single and then scoring from second on a sac fly to short right field; gunning down David Wright at second was pretty sweet as well.

All in all, another day at the office for the Brewers, who continue to impress "knowledgeable" baseball "people" like Tim McCarver, who was just gushing about their youth and hitting ability ("And they've also got a lot of speed!") on the Cubs/Phillies broadcast. Hopefully the lead will be eight games by dinner time, and insurmountable by Memorial Day.

This is a lot of fun, isn't it?