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I didn't realize this, but Moises Alou was removed from last night's game due to a minor injury.  (That's the downside of being at the park--unless you're sitting in the press box, you don't get nearly as much info as you can at home.)  That could mean that Carlos Gomez is coming up.

Pretty exciting, I guess; we already got to see Hunter Pence's MLB debut, and now we could get Gomez.  He didn't play in AAA last night, so it looks like he's on his way.  For those of you who don't follow such things, Gomez is a huge prospect: he's 21 and a consensus top-50/top-75 guy among the pundits.  

Incidentally, this seems like as good a time as any to share my thought about the Mets lineup.  A top four of Reyes-Wright-Beltran-Delgado is really impressive, and makes the Brewers 1-4 pale in comparison (once Hardy cools off, anyway), but after that, they ain't got much.  (Please, no references to David Newhan, PLEASE!)  Alou's a solid hitter, but he'll spend plenty of time resting some injury or other, and then Lo Duca?  Shawn Green?  Color me unimpressed.  Some of those guys are doing fine so far, but there could be some VERY quick innings at the bottom of that lineup.

One more minor league note: Laynce Nix is charging back, and Rotoworld seems to think that  he'll be back in Milwaukee by the end of the month.  How?  At the expense of whom?  I suppose you could make a case for Nix on the roster over Gwynn, if only to get Gwynn in the lineup everyday in Nashville...but unless Gwynn goes 0-for the rest of May, there's just not room for him.  And anyway, Nix is likely the seventh best outfielder in the organization.  He's got options, and the Brewers are very likely to use one of them.