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Game Thread #40: End the Streak Already!

How far we've come, folks...a three-game losing streak is this painful.  Tonight it's Jeff Suppan versus Cole Hamels, and despite all the press for the latter, Suppan actually has the lower ERA.  Let's hope balls aren't flying out of the park the way they have the last two nights, because I would guess that favors Hamels.

Either way, I'd like to see some run production--heck, anything!--from the top of the lineup.  Speaking of which, we've got the hardcore righty lineup tonight: Mench, Hart, Graffanino, and Miller.  It's gotta be hard for Ned to give Estrada a rest right now, but I do like his recent tactic of resting Estrada the night game before the day game rather than the other way around: it means no embarrassing "Sunday lineup" for day games.  (Even if we do tend to win with that embarrassing lineup.)

Go Brewers!