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Game Thread #41: Let's Escape Philly With Our Dignity

I like the matchup of Ben Sheets versus Freddy Garcia, which is a good thing, because I certainly don't like the direction this team is heading.  It's all well and good that we're still way up on the division, have a great record, and all of that, but losing five out of six sucks, especially when at least a couple of those games should have gone our way.

Anyway, Ned is mixing things up, going with a staggering number of lefties:

  • Gwynn, CF
  • Counsell, 3B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Estrada, C
  • Jenkins, LF
  • Gross, RF
  • Graffanino, 2B
  • Sheets, P
We keep saying it's a good problem to have to have so many MLB-quality outfielders, but at the same time, it sucks to keep "resting" guys like Hart, Hall, and Gwynn.  Oh well...much better than playing Jim Rushford or John Vander Wal, I suppose.

Go Brewers!