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This is just too much.  18-9 in the first 27 games?  Ridiculous.

So much good stuff happened today:

  • Carlos Villanueva pitched multiple innings...well...again.  Ned let him pitch for a while, even though he wasn't dominating (again) ...thus saving the bullpen.  It was the kind of day where Ned could've defended bringing in just about everybody on the basis of "getting them work," but instead, he got six innings from two guys.  I love it.  Maybe Ned is trying out a new bullpen management strategy that--wait for it--does not involve Elmer Dessens.

  • On a similar note, Wise went two innings.  That's great to see, as well.  So many relievers get pigeonholed into becoming "one-inning guys," and Wise has certainly been in danger of that.  But he proved he can get six outs just as well as Villanueva.

  • We won a game handily without slugging our way to victory (or relying on Kevin Mench's speed).  It wasn't pretty, but we won the sort of game that the Cardinals used to win against us.

  • The best part of all: the camera frequently focused on Tony LaRussa, and we all get to look down on him.  Because, you know, he's a loser.
Just like after last night's game, there's only so much to say.  This team isn't even cranking on all cylinders, we have two of the best prospects in the minor leagues ready to step in at any time, one of whom would fill a glaring hole, and we've still got the best record in baseball.  And after this series, you can't even look at the run differential and scoff.

Instead, it's us who can scoff at all those silly folks who insist on rooting for other teams.   When will they learn that the most fun in baseball is in Milwaukee?  I mean, dude, Prince Fielder?  Derrick Turnbow?  Awesome.