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I was hoping I could go the entire 2007 season without saying this, but tonight the Brewers looked like the Crew of old.  You know, the punchless wonders relying on a couple of players for offense and doing stupid crap in the field to make things just a little harder.  I'm not all that worried--it was just a bad night for a couple of guys--but that doesn't make it any more fun to watch.

The really lame part is losing Sheets to an injury of some kind (say it with me: again) in a game he was actually pitching pretty well.  Much like his first outing this year, he just made one mistake; unfortunately Estrada made one too, and  the offense didn't pick him up.  The injury doesn't seem like a huge deal, so we'll keep our fingers crossed and blister-free until we get more news.  And then we'll start to doubt the news because, after all, this is Ned Yost we're dealing with.

I missed most of the game due to issues, which looks like it might not have been such a bad thing.  As much as I like hearing Vin Scully tell the life story of every Brewers player, I'm not sure I'd be very happy if I had actually seen the errors.

One note, though: Chris Spurling got five outs, and now has an ERA below 2.00.  I'm not saying we should retire his jersey number just yet, especially since his strikeouts are pretty low for a reliever, but it's nice to see somebody come through in those situations.  With tonight's innings, his hit totals are a bit more manageable--18 hits and 3 walks in 13.2 innings is hardly closer material, but it's something to build on, and it might be enough to keep Jose Capellan in Nashville quite a bit longer.

In the rest of the division, the Cubs are on their way to a loss against the Padres, and the Astros are trailing the Giants.  Let's hope we can trust Trevor Hoffman to keep our 6.5 game lead intact.