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Game Thread #47: The Short Version

I was just finishing up a long game thread, with matchup info and all sorts of great (read: awful) jokes...then I hit the wrong button and it went away.  Seriously.  I'm not up for repeating myself, even if nobody heard me the first time, so I'll keep this one shorter.

It's Capuano vs Brad Penny tonight.  Penny has been great this year: 5-1 with a 2.54 ERA.  This would be an awful nice game to win, as it only gets harder as the Brewers head to San Diego for the weekend.  The Padres are the better team, and Petco is hardly tailor-made for the Brewers offense.  It's not made for any offense, but when you rely so heavily on home runs, Petco is not your friend.  For Prince, it might not matter, but I don't think Estrada can jack one out of there.

Go Brewers!