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Interesting Factoid

Here's something I'm guessing you don't know.  If you've been following the discussion around the site, you're probably aware that Gabe Gross is an absolute walking machine: in 57 plate appearances, he's drawn 11 walks--actually more walks than hits, for a batting average of 217 and an OBP of 373.

But which illustrious Brewer is second to Gross in walk rate?  (Walks per plate appearance, not total walks.)


Your man is Craig Counsell.  Craig has the second highest OBP on the team among starters to Prince Fielder, and is third in total walks, despite having only about half the plate appearances that Fielder and Rickie Weeks have.

Counsell's line isn't quite Gross-tastic, but it's still striking: 231/360/308.  17 walks and 2 HPs in just over 100 PAs.  Now, if he'd start getting catcher's interference calls again, we'd really be in business!