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Game Thread #50: Uh Oh

The Brewers have lost four in a row and 11 of 15, which sucks, but at least they haven't been swept this year. That streak is on the line and in serious jeopardy today, because Jake Peavy is pitching for the Padres, and he's really good. The upshot is, he hasn't struck out 10+ batters in over two weeks! Of course, Jeff Suppan has never done it. But I bet Peavy's never kissed the pope!

Go Brewers!

Update [2007-5-27 15:40:39 by battlekow]: Lineup:

  1. T. Gwynn cf
  2. J.J. Hardy ss
  3. R. Braun 3b
  4. P. Fielder 1b
  5. J. Estrada c
  6. G. Jenkins lf
  7. G. Gross rf
  8. C. Counsell 2b
  9. J. Suppan p
Look who's hitting third! Our little boy's all growns up!