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Game Thread #51: Anakin vs. Emperor Palpatine

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  And what better way to celebrate the holiday, than to fire up the grill, put on a few brats, and make fun of Jeff Sackmann's reading list.

While you're at it, though, no reason you shouldn't have the game on as well.  And this is nothing if not a big, big series.  Consider:

  • It's Ryan Braun's homecoming!  What better way to endear yourself to the drunken masses than with a walk-off home run?
  • It's time to prove the skeptics wrong.  You know that all around baseball, people weren't taking the Cream City Crushers' fast start very seriously.  After a 24-10 start, we've scuffled to 4-12 out of our last 16.  Time to right the ship, and demonstrate to the naysayers why we have a 5-game lead in the NL Central.
  • Best of all, it's Ned Yost vs. Bobby Cox.  The only thing Ned likes better than filling out a lineup without inking Corey Hart's name is besting his old mentor, Bobby Cox.  History might be on our side as well: The Brewers are an NL-best 17-7 at home, plus we went 4-2 against the Braves last season, winning all three at home.  Moreover, of late, the Braves have been just as stinky as the Crew: they've lost 10 of 14, and were just swept by the Phillies in Atlanta.
Some linqy-linqs:
  • Our SB Nation sister site, Talkin' Chop, well, they don't seem to be well-prepared for today's game. Moving on...
  • Chop-n-Change are also too busy moping to notice that we have a game today.  There's no crying in baseball!  It's worth checking out if only because Kristi Dosh is pretty.
  • DixieFlatline is on the case, dawg.
Now, man up, boys!  If you want to get back on a winning streak, you have to go up there and try not to do too much with it!  Take it the other way, if that's what they're giving you, and don't try to pull the ball!  And, will someone please scored a g-d run?!?!  Play ball!