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Game Thread #53: A Streak!

It's one thing for me to be a good luck charm when Ben Sheets is on the mound...I'll be put to the test this afternoon as Dave Bush takes on Tim Hudson.  As Marty has pointed out, the lineup may be pretty ugly today.  I'm not worried: before last night, our good players produced like our bad ones, and as major league benches go, our bad ones aren't that bad.  That said, if I get inside the park and Graffanino, Counsell, and Mench are all starting over Weeks, Braun, and Hart, I might just go ask for a refund.

Sadly, this afternoon's game (and tonight's game in Beloit) marks the end of my time in Wisconsin, so I'll probably have to live with for awhile, at least until the Crew visits the Nats.  The upside is that I'll be able to resume blogging in earnest...imagine, actual content from me!

Go Brewers!