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Weeks to DL. Capellan to MIL. Benitez to FLA.

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Thanks, Bill, for the link: there are moves afoot.  Rickie Weeks is going on the DL, and Jose Capellan is taking his place on the roster, restoring all that is good and right in Ned Yost's world by giving the Crew the seven relievers they so desperately need.

(Was that sarcasm?  Yes, that was sarcasm.)

I'll be interested to see how Capellan is used: he's been stretched out in Nashville, so he could take over the Dessens role (and not pitch for a month?), or he could become the new Chris Spurling, pitching in high-leverage situations for no apparent reason.

The Marlins are also getting a new reliever, as I posted here.  Armando Benitez was sent to Florida in exchange for Randy Messenger.  At least that round of rumors is finally over.  Perhaps Benitez will be more effective than Jorge Julio was...and if not, maybe the Marlins will stop trading for expensive closers just because they are PROVEN MAJOR LEAGUE CLOSERS.  

In other news, the Brewers signed a couple of players from last year's draft.  Both look promising.  First, Lee Haydel:

Haydel initially had committed to Louisiana State, but when the Tigers forced out former head coach Smoke Laval, Haydel switched to Delgado CC. A possible supplemental first-round or second-round pick had he re-entered the draft, Haydel was one of the fastest players available. He can run the 60-yard dash in 6.35 seconds, and was a catalyst in Delgado's run to the Junior College World Series this spring.

Haydel became more attractive as a prospect by improving significantly with the bat. He has grown two inches and added 20 pounds, and he's now 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds. His added strength has helped him at the plate, and he has bat speed. He has improved against offspeed pitches and has hit quality fastballs. He's an above-average center fielder with obvious range, and his solid arm strength is a plus at his position.

The Crew also signed 12th-rounder, right-handed pitcher Chad Robinson.  These are the last draft-and-follows the Brewers will ever sign, as the process is being phased out.