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Minor Trade

Joe Hamrahi of Baseball Digest Daily passes along the following from the Brewers media relations department:

The Brewers today acquired OF Charles Thomas from Oakland in exchange for C JD Closser.  

Thomas will report to Triple-A Nashville.

Interesting that the A's have been stocking up on outfielders--Chrises Denorfia and Snelling--but didn't want to promote Thomas.  Thomas should be thrilled to have a new organization, though the Brewers are hardly a good place for him to have a shot at the big leagues again.  Closser ought also to be thrilled: he was probably #4 on the depth chart (with Captain Lou Palmisano charging hard as of late), while the A's are suffering from a spate of injuries that could create an opportunity for him.

Not a big deal, or one that may have the slightest effect on either team's big league season, but interesting nonetheless.