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Game Thread #29: Lowering an already low OBP

As I noted in the series preview earlier today, the Pirates team OBP is under .300.  That's just atrocious.  Someone in my fantasy league finally dropped Adam LaRoche, the sort of thing that happens when the guy has an OPS+ of 33.  LaRoche will turn things around eventually, but given that Salomon Torres has been sucking in the closer's role, the Pirates would sure like to take Mike Gonzalez back right now.

Tonight we've got unexpected K monster Claudio Vargas on the mound against the generally unimpressive Paul Maholm.  Maholm has a 5+ ERA so far this year, a 3.86 mark in three career starts at Miller Park, and a 3.54 ERA against the Brewers in four career starts.  Fortunately, we have a new team now that won't strike out thirteen times just because the opposing pitcher throws with his left hand.

Against said lefty, the lineup looks good: Hart and Graffanino are batting 7th and 8th, with Jenkins collecting splinters for Hart.  

Go Brewers!