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Princely News

First the positive stuff: everybody's favorite first baseman was named NL Player of the Week for last week.  Four home runs will do the trick, I think.  Hardy, Suppan, and Villanueva were nominated as well.  Funny things happen when your team is friggin' awesome.

Fun fact: during that week, Prince hit 440/533/960, for an OPS of a mere 1.493.  He's also OPSing over 1.000 with runners in scoring position, in tie games, in one-run games, in two-run games, in the ninth inning, against relief pitchers, and of course, against the Pirates.  Unfortunately, he's 0-2 (plus a HBP, of course) against Matt Capps.   Something tells me that will change.

And the rest: Matt Capps has been fined and suspended for hitting Prince the other night.  Frankly, I think remaining on the Pirates through his arbitration years would be punishment enough, but though MLB folks really want Prince to be healthy, and for that I salute them.  May Capps continue to give up go-ahead runs to the Crew for many years to come.