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Game Score: Awesome

It seems like we've gotten great performances from nearly every pitcher on the team at some point or other during the season: tonight was Chris Capuano's night.  Eight-plus innings, nine strikeouts, no walks, and nary a run.  That's the sort of outing we expect (but haven't gotten) from Sheets; I certainly won't complain about getting it from somebody else.

A part of me feels like this win is cheap: it was way too close, against a bad team and a very mediocre starting pitcher in Matt Chico.  Then again, we can't blow 'em out every game, and Capuano certainly kept the Nats offense in check.  

The funny part, I suppose, is that all the run production came from Geoff Jenkins.  You don't have to scroll down very far to see what I had to say about putting Jinxie in the lineup against a southpaw; in fact, if you've been reading this blog much, you don't have to scroll down at all.  It's great that Geoff had a big night, but that doesn't make the decision right, it just makes Ned lucky.  I really, really, really hope that this doesn't mean Mench and Jenkins are full-timers from this point on.  We've got an awfully good young outfielder and he has the potential to be better than either of them...right now.

But, enough quibbling over the same old garbage.  This was win number 22, which gives us another day with the best record in the big leagues, and stretches the division lead to 5.5 since the Cubs have the day off.  The Red Sox were off today, too, which means we're a full game ahead of the next best team in baseball.  Tomorrow we'll win via blowout, welcome Jason Simontacchi back to the bigs in style, and see about opening those gaps a little further.