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Postgame Miscellany

Maybe all it takes is a mediocre opponent: the Brewers are looking like the team that got off to such a hot start in April.  Some assorted thoughts:

  • The NL Central sucks something awful.  If the Astros beat the Cardinals tonight, the Brewers will be 7.5 games up on four teams tied for second place, all of which will be eight games below .500.  As great as that is for us, it's a testament to how low the bar is set.

  • Turnbow bounced back nicely.  Love to see that.  I was a bit worried when he went 0-2 on the first batter and let it slide back to 3-2, but he got through the 8th smoothly.  Let's hope for lots more of those.

  • Kevin Mench was the offensive star of this game, but I'm actually more excited that Tony Graffanino is looking a bit more like a major league hitter.  Especially if Weeks is going to be out for a while, Graffy is way more important to this team than Mench.  He looked good in the field, too.

  • Another great game from Corey Hart.  It's a little odd that it took an injury to Weeks to get Corey more consistent playing time, but I'll take it.  If he keeps getting multiple hits every time he starts, it'll be awful hard to keep him out of the lineup.

  • And finally, we saw everything we expected out of Ryan Braun.  Four PAs, four times on, including a MONSTER home run to dead center.  His double might have been out of the park on a different day, too.  To top it all off, he committed an error in the ninth leading to the Marlins 5th run.  To my eye, he actually looks halfway decent in the field, but it'll be something to watch closely.