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Game Thread #63: The NL Central Sucks

The less said about last night's game, the better.  I'm choosing not to be too worried: Coco wasn't going to be perfect, though I must admit I didn't expect his first meltdown would come through a barrage of singles with a three run lead.  Oh well.  

Now that the Brewers have slumped, the Cubs haven't capitalized, and the Cardinals still suck something awful, it's worth checking on my favorite webpage to obsess over, BP's postseason odds report.  Oddly enough, yesterday's action gave the Brewers a nudge in the right direction: we now have a 53% chance of advancing to the playoffs, while we started yesterday at 52%.  The Cubs are at 46%.  Closer than it oughta be, but better than it could be.

Here's what gets me, though.  Check out the predicted wins for each position in the NL Central:

  • 1st: 89
  • 2nd: 82.5
  • 3rd: 76
  • 4th: 72
  • 5th: 68
  • 6th: 63
That's a little better than last year, I suppose, but it's still pretty lame.

Speaking of mediocrity, Brady Clark was DFA'd by the Dodgers.  In a manner of speaking, the Brewers will now be paying his salary as he moves to yet another team.  How far the slightly mighty have fallen.  Brady will surely stick somewhere else, but perhaps this will give Doug Melvin enough of an excuse to do the same to Elmer Dessens once his "injury" is "healed."

Tonight it's Vicente Padilla and Dave Bush.  Bush hasn't been that good lately, and neither has Padilla.  Padilla is 2-8 on the season and has lost four of his last five decisions.  It's not bad luck, either: while he has, amazingly, been the rock of the Rangers rotation, his ERA is a mere 6.45.  Please, oh baseball gods, let us have one win.  Please.

Go Brewers!