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Game Thread #69: I Like Winning

Another day, another Twins youngster.  This time it's Kevin Slowey, who wasn't even in the big leagues last time we played them.  That could be a bad thing: not only have we never seen him before, but he's also a darn good pitcher.  (In the minors, anyway.)

Against Slowey is Jeff Suppan, who has been very...well, Suppan-like his last several starts.  He's given up either three or four earned runs in each of his last seven outings, and his 4.04 ERA has got to be one of the highest in baseball among pitchers who haven't yet allowed more than four runs in a single outing.  It means we have to score some of our own to get the W, but I'd much rather see Suppan out there than a certain implosion-waiting-to-happen who shall not be named.

In more general news, things are finally looking up for the Crew.  We've now got four straight wins (against good, AL competition, no less!), the last of which was accompanied by a Cubs loss.  That puts us 6.5 up on the pack, still the only team in the division above .500, and now with a 2 in 3 chance at the postseason.