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Five Fun Facts About Yovani Gallardo

Who better to focus our attention on than tonight's man of the hour?

  1. Yovani was selected in the 2nd round of the 2004 draft with the 46th overall pick.  Mark Rogers was the Brewers first pick.  The player chosen right before Gallardo was D-Rays prospect Reid Brignac, while pitcher Justin Hoyman was chosen after.  A few players from that round have already made the bigs (including Dustin Pedroia), but as far as I can tell, Gallardo will be the first high schooler to make the jump.
  2. Gallardo will be the 21st player in big league history with a first name that begins with "Y."  There really aren't that many, as that list includes nicknames such as those of Yo-Yo Davalillo and two guys named "Yank."  Gallardo has a good shot at becoming the best ever pitcher with a "Y" name (he'll have to keep ahead of Yusmeiro Petit), but it'll take one heck of a career to become the best overall by surpassing Yogi Berra.  In case you're wondering, Petit coughed up a long ball to Barry Bonds, so while a dinger against Gallardo would be Barry's first strike against Trimble Technical High School, it wouldn't be his first against a Y-guy.
  3. His favorite movie is Zoolander.    I hope he's an ambi-turner.
  4. Gallardo's wikipedia article needs some serious help.  Not only has it been flagged by a wikignome for lack of sources, but it also sucks.  I appreciate the sentiment behind the claim that "Gallardo is a candidate to add on to the greatness that is the Brewers pitching staff," but I wonder if Jimmy Wales would approve.
  5. Yovani is awesome.  His career minor league ERA coming into this year was 2.38, and he kept it under 3.00 this year in his first shot at Triple-A.  Not only that: He struck out 110 batters in 77.2 innings in Nashville this year.  That, combined with his miniscule walk and home run rates, translates into a FIP of 2.11.  He's obviously ready for the next step, and I have no doubt he'll impress in his debut.