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Rickie's Back; Gwynn to AAA

The decision has been made: Tony Gwynn is headed back to AAA.  I think that's the right decision--so long as Ned is stuck on 12 pitchers, anyway).  Gross has been slumping lately, going 1 for his last 21, including a bunch of 0-fers as the DH, but before that stretch, he was hitting a very healthy 240/391/500.  That might be a little optimistic for what we can expect of him, but 250/350/450 seems reasonable if we can get him enough at-bats to stay fresh.

In other news, I'm thrilled to have Rickie back.  When he hit the DL, somebody in my fantasy league dropped him, and I picked him up.  Then BJ Upton (my second baseman) got hurt, so I had two injured second sackers.  An interesting note about his injury comes from Will Carroll today:

I've been looking for comps for this type of injury, but here's one where sports medicine makes it tough. Even just a decade ago, this type of injury was probably a career-ender, so players that would be comps aren't. It's another reminder that the doctors, trainers, and therapists that most fans don't notice are making the game better in some very tangible ways.

I make it a point never to doubt the advances of sports medicine, but I had no idea things had changed so much.  Not only is Rickie's career not over, but the wrist injury seems relatively minor, as well.