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Game Thread #56: Cap Trick

Chris Capuano and the Brewers go for three in a row against Byung-Hyun Kim.  The signs the last few days have been very encouraging, and if Cappy can add a quality start to the mix, they'll be even more so.

In even better news, it's sounding like Rickie Weeks will spend the minimum 15 days on the DL, which is only a negative in the sense that it'll leave the brain trust with a roster decision to make, and I'm not at all sure they'll make the right call.  I'm not sure I know what the right move is, either, so it's not really a fair criticism.  Anyway, a lot can happen in two weeks; perhaps the Devil Rays will give us Elijah Dukes in exchange for Chris Oxspring and cash considerations.

Go Brewers!