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Game Thread #72: Quick Quiz

Today's starters are Barry Zito and Claudio Vargas.  Which of those has the lower ERA?  

Of course, I wouldn't be asking the question unless the answer were Vargas, whose 3.86 mark is more than a half-run better than Zito's 4.41.  Zito may be better than that, but preferably not today.

In the lineup department, Hardy is back, Mench is in, and Miller is in.  Bonds is out, Vizquel is out, and luminaries Nate Schierholtz and Kevin Frandsen are starting in their places.  (Incidentally, I didn't know Frandsen could even play short.  We'll see.)

If you're looking for a diversion before the game starts, check out my THT column today, about the second round of the amateur draft.  It's in honor of Gallardo's debut on Monday.  I learned that the Brewers are unusually stacked with second rounders: in addition to Yo, that's where Hardy, Suppan, Bush, and Gwynn came from.  That doesn't really mean anything, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Go Brewers!