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Game Thread #76: Go Long

Tonight it's Ben Sheets vs. Jason Jennings.  As has seemed to happen a lot lately, we're missing the best the opposing team has to offer; while Jennings is no slouch, Roy Oswalt won't pitch again until the Astros move on.

The bigger story for the visiting team is Craig Biggio's death march to 3,000 hits.  He's currently four away, and as cool as it would be for Milwaukee to host the historic hit(s), I doubt it'll happen.  Houston didn't pay $4M for a glorified utility player so that he could reach the milestone on the road; at this point, it's just a matter of how manipulative Phil Garner will have to be to ensure that Biggio gets number 3,000 at the juice box.

In case you want to pretend like we're in some kind of tight pennant race, the Cubs are now hosting Colorado, sending Jason Marquis up against Jeff Francis.  And the Cardinals are a few miles away from me in Queens, sending Mike Maroth to the mound against the Mets, who must be licking their chops at the prospect of a Maroth/Wellemeyer/Reyes/Wainwright series.  

Go Brewers!