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Bush to the Pen?

WSB Chris alerts me to this blurb in Adam's most recent mailbag:

Bush threw back-to-back outstanding starts, but Yost said on Monday night Bush would be available out of the bullpen starting Tuesday, and there is some frustration about the fact Vargas can never get past the sixth inning -- two factors that could mean Gallardo is staying in the rotation.

This could be much ado about nothing.  There's a day off on Thursday, and it appears that Ned is keeping everybody on their five-day schedule, which means Bush is getting skipped.  Then again, Ned didn't have to do that, and he must be awful tempted to leave Yo in the rotation.

As I've said elsewhere, I'm not getting too riled up about this.  There's a good argument for kicking Bush, Gallardo, or Vargas out of the rotation upon Capuano's return, and I don't know that it will end up mattering a whole lot.  For one thing, Gallardo will probably have some rough outings as the league adjusts to him.  For another, the odds that all six guys will stay healthy for the rest of the year are slim, as much as I hate to say so.

So, I'm trying not to read too much into this; maybe Ned is just looking for a chance to audition Bush in a short relief role.  He was a closer in college, and perhaps coming out of the pen he won't have first-inning type jitters.  If the audition goes well, Bush could even end up in a 7th or 8th inning role.  Heck, he could end up being the 2008 closer we've been talking so much about lately.