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Postgame Miscellany

Great game, huh?  Dave Bush pitched well in relief (albeit nailbitingly so), D-Bow and Coco looked even better in their respective innings, and Damian Miller finally contributed something to the highlight reel.  I've never been a huge Damian fan, but I think I've been rooting harder for him than just about anybody this year.  Nice to see him put one on the board.

Also, some interesting tidbits from Adam's notes column.  Once again, don't read too much into Bush's appearance in relief:

After Capuano passed his test, Brewers manager Ned Yost lined up his starting rotation through the All-Star break. Yovani Gallardo will start Friday's series opener against the Cubs, then will report for bullpen duty until further notice. Ben Sheets will start Saturday in Chicago and Yost named Dave Bush to start Sunday over Claudio Vargas.

In Pittsburgh, beginning July 2, it will be Jeff Suppan followed by Capuano, Vargas and Sheets. Bush, Suppan and Capuano will then pitch in Washington as the Brewers finish the first half.

Everything is always subject to change in this department, but for the time being, Yo is getting the demotion.  I'm a bit bummed that neither Sheets nor Gallardo will be starting in the Nats series; I'm hoping to go to those games.

Also, Adam passed along this unconfirmed trade rumor:

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin would not comment on a report Tuesday by's T.R. Sullivan that the Brewers are among six teams showing interest in right-handed Rangers reliever Akinori Otsuka.

Citing Major League officials, the report said the Brewers, Braves, Indians, Mets, Phillies and Tigers are looking into Otsuka, 35, who suffered a blown save Tuesday night but got the win when the Rangers rallied to beat the Tigers. Otsuka entered Wednesday with a 2.64 ERA and a .205 opponents' batting average in 32 appearances.

Otsuka, like Scott Linebrink, is one of those guys who seems to come up in trade talks every year, because they aren't really high profile (so there's a perception they won't be crazily expensive), but they are very good.  Just imagine a 7-8-9 including Otsuka, Turnbow, and Cordero.  Wow.  I wonder what the price of that would be...if anyone is so inclined to delve through some transaction lists, I'd be interested to know the recent deadline trade value of excellent-but-not-all-star 8th/9th inning guys.  Obviously Jon Daniels and Doug Melvin are on good terms.

Finally, check out these lists of pitches per plate appearance.  One Brewer atop the wrong list is predictable; another is less so.