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Game Thread #79: The Novelty Hasn't Worn Off

Dixieflatline did a great job previewing the weekend series, so I don't have a whole lot to add.  As he points out, today's Cubs starter Rich Hill has gotten fairly lucky so far this year.  

Yovani Gallardo, on the other hand, doesn't need luck, because he's awesome.  May he continue to prove it.  The only thing that worries me today is Hill's track record against the Crew.  In 3 career starts and a relief appearance, his ERA is about 2.5, with a strikeout per inning.   I can only hope that all bad, inexplicable things come to an end.

That said, those bad things may have to come to an end quickly, because Estrada and Mench are hitting back to back.  If Hill is hoping to go deep into this ballgame, he must be buoyed by that news.

Go Brewers!