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Draft Day / Off-Day Open Thread

I've seen more mock drafts in the last two weeks than I can ever remember seeing in the last decade.  Maybe I'm just more attuned to it, or maybe baseball fans are finally starting to pay attention to a bunch of high school pitchers who are going to get injured while pitching in A-ball.

Anyway, this is the official location for all draft chatter today.  I'll update this thread as stuff happens.  I'll be in and out, so anybody with keys can feel free to update it, as well.

Go Jack Zduriencik!  Bring us Matt Wieters, please...

Update [2007-6-7 16:3:5 by Jeff]: Wieters was off the board before the Brewers picked, and Milwaukee threw a monster curveball with Matt LaPorta, a college first baseman with big power. It's odd for many reasons: plenty of folks think this is an overdraft (he was projected to go low in the first round), and as you might know, the Brewers have their long-term solution at first base.

It sounds like LaPorta will give left field a try as soon as he starts his pro career. That could be great, giving the lineup yet another big bat in another couple of years...or it could mean we'll have a Ryan Howard/Ryan Shealy like trading chip to support the 2008 pennant run. No picks until the 90s, so not much to talk about for a while.