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Game Thread #61: Matt LaPorta isn't DHing

...but Gabe Gross is.  Bill Hall is all the way down to 8th, though that's really more like 7th, since he's batting ahead of Counsell.

The pitching matchup is Capuano vs. Robinson Tejeda.  I don't know whether I said this publicly anywhere, but I was pretty bullish on Tejeda going into the season: he's only 25, and he's already got a couple of solid campaigns under his belt.  But right now, his ERA is 6.28, so I'm not looking too smart about that.

I'm proud of Ned for choosing Gross over Mench to DH.  It's an obvious call--Tejeda is allowing an OPS of 1.024 against lefties this year compared to .653 from righties--but one I wasn't at all confident he was going to make.

Go Brewers!