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Game Thread #62: The Cubs Are Winning

Ned has noticed that the Brewers are scrambling lately, and is going with one of his scary, desperation lineups behind Ben Sheets:

  • Gwynn, CF
  • Gross, DH
  • Braun, 3B
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Hart, RF
  • Jenkins, LF
  • Graffanino, 2B
  • Miller, C
  • Counsell, SS
Apparently he didn't want to go with the Sunday lineup tomorrow, so we've got it now.  Still no Mench, which reflects well on our skipper.

This ragged bunch will take on Brandon McCarthy, acquired by the Rangers in the offseason for prospect John Danks, who was sent to the White Sox.  McCarthy has not been very good for his new team (his ERA is over 6.00), but not for the reason everyone predicted.  The thought was he'd cough up lots of long balls in Ameriquest, but he's only given up 5 in 45 innings.  The bigger problem is that he's walking as many batters as he's striking out.  

Go Brewers!