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Game Thread #89: Four Days is a Long Time

We're back in action at Miller Park, with Chris Capuano starting his second consecutive game, this time against the Rockies and Jeff Francis. Francis is one of the many pitchers who I eagerly drafted in my fantasy leagues about two years too early: I got excited about the potential back when it was just potential. Now he's 8-5 with a 3.87 ERA, and even better on the road. Away from Coors, his ERA is 3.12, though his peripherals are shaky: 35 K's and 19 BB's in 52 innings.

Speaking of those back-to-back starts, I'm sure Cappy is a smart guy, with the Duke Econ degree and all, but sometimes...well, his sound bites must not get across how bright he is. On those starts:

"It's definitely weird. Weird, but not weird."


The Rockies haven't made much noise this year, but they are a decent team; it's just hard to get much attention in the West this year. Rluzinski gives us his series probabilities, which include a 21.6% chance of sweeping and a 64.8% shot at winning 2 or 3 games. Either one is fine with me.

Go Brewers!