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Game Thread #92: We Better Keep Winning

The D-Backs are 49-44 on the season, but BP's adjusted standings report suggests they ought to be much worse, like 41-52. I hope BP is better at predicting Arizona's skill at this point in the season than AZ's track record. It's still too early to be calling anything a "must-win," but the way the Cubs are reeling them off lately, even a split of this series would be a little disappointing.

Speaking of the Cubs, they are playing the Giants this week. San Fran is the opposite of Arizona: they are better than their record suggests...but that doesn't mean they're very good.

Tonight, it's Dave Bush vs. Micah Owings. The official site has some happy small-sample talk about Bush:

Bush improved to 7-7 with seven solid innings at Washington last week and won for the fourth time in his last five decisions, a stretch that includes four starts and one relief appearance. He has a 3.15 ERA (16 earned runs in 45 2/3 innings) in seven starts and one relief appearance since May 30.
Thank heavens the game is at Miller Park--Bush's homer-happiness is not a good match for homer-happier Chase Field. Here's hoping Bush will continue to keep the ball in the ballpark and move above .500.

Go Brewers!