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Game Thread #93: Plus One

Tonight it's Claudio Vargas going against his old mates and Yusmeiro Petit. Despite Petit's solid ERA (3.12 at the moment), this game appears to be the least likely second-half Brewers game to turn into a pitcher's duel.

As you may have noticed, the Brewers have now won three one-run games in a row. Nmc wrote about that at Two Fisted Slopper, noting the research suggesting there's luck involved in winning one-run games. Over the entire season, we're 15-11 in one-run games, which isn't all that lucky. In fact, when you consider the hammer that has been Coco Cordero, I'm not sure that it's lucky at all. Teams with lights-out late inning relief are more likely to hang on to close leads, and despite the occasional hiccup, we've certainly got that.

That said, I'd be perfectly happy to win this one 10-2.

Go Brewers!