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Game Thread #98: I'm Here, and Super Psyched!

Zito vs. Vargas today.  Sounds like an easy one, right?  (It was pretty easy last time.)  I'm indulging in hopelessly stupid "logic" here, but I don't really believe the Giants can sweep us, hence the Brewers must win today.  I've read some comments around the web of Brewers fans freaking out because the offense hasn't scored seventeen runs in the last three games (or something--pick your own magic numbers), but I'm not that concerned.  Lincecum is nasty, and he's going to shut out a lot of good teams over the next couple of decades.

Zito, however, is not as nasty as he used to be, and I think Ryan Braun is going to prove it.  That is, if Ned doesn't go for a super Sunday lineup and start Counsell at third base and shortstop and Graffanino at first and second.  He probably won't, but man, wouldn't that be scrappy?

Go Brewers!